Udawalawe “Kalegedara” holiday Bangalow and Udawalawe tusker safari service confer a tremendous service that is really immeasurable. It is true that all those who enjoy this service nighly appreciate of it. Mr. M.P Jayasinghe, the founder of the tusker safari service and the Kalegedara holiday Bungalow with his fifteen year experience, provides the tourists with an excellent form of service. It is really commendable.

Tourists who come to Udawalawe Kalegedara holiday bungalow have a fine opportunity of visiting wawlpena,Maduwanwela manor and Panamure ethgala that are located in the visinity of udawalawe, This Kalegedara holiday bungalow and its staff are prepared to provide transport, food and necessary instructions to anyone, who wishes to see these fine places of historical value. Not only that this service has the facility of providing transport to any one who needs to go to the Maththala international airport and Sooriya wewa international cricket stadium.