Sri lanka has become an attractive island because of its various climatic conditions. Tourists who visit Srilanka are quite aware that they can experience the different climatic conditions within a short span of time inside the island. In comparison to the eye catching areas in Sri lanka. Udawalawe area plays an important role in its beauty and location, On one hand Udawalawe is surrounded by the splendid range of mountains such as Samanala, Rakwana and Balangoda. On the other hand the plain areas of Thanamalvila add glamour to Udawalawe

Most of the people who live here are the inhabitants under the Walawe scheme In addition, we can find some families who have become residents by birth. Kind and friendly hospitalities of the residents of Udawalawe make the tourists visit this beautiful village again and again

Out of all, Udawalawe reservoir can be considered as the heart of Udawalawe. Fresh water fishing industry along with the center for breeding fresh water fish gives life blood to the inhabitants of Udawalawe. A walk along the three kilometre long dam captures a wonderful picturesque scenery that one can never ever erase out of his or her memory. In addition Udawalawe has become a paradise of tourists of all walk of life due to the Udawalawe game reserve, which is about 30 hectares in extent.Herds of elephants with the walawe king called; sumedha, Lepards,Deer,Crocodiles,Bears and wide variety of endemic animals, birds and insects are inhabited in this sanctuary. Also, a lot of migratory birds are found here during most parts of the year .Udawalawe sanctuary is rich in many species at flora with a high bio diversity.

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